Free Relative Caregivers Learning Series

As a relative caregiver, you are learning how to navigate the transition from your role as the child’s relative to your role as that child’s parent. We have created a free learning path in the Champion Classrooms filled with webinars specifically for those caring for a relative’s child. We hope you find the webinars informative and helpful as you help the kids in your care heal and thrive.

Support Group Kits

These kits have been designed to help support group leaders or facilitators host valuable connection events:

Our thanks to Celera Systems LLC for their financial support for these kits!

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The following resources are to help grandparents and other relatives who are raising their relatives’ children.

  • The Kinship Navigator Portal (link will open a new page) can be used by any relative caregiver throughout the state to identify services and resources available to them based on their specific caregiving situation. Caregivers will be asked to answer a set of questions specific to their situation, and based on those answers, they will be provided with an array of information about their eligibility for various programs. You can also download the Kinship Navigator Guidebook (PDF).
    • UPDATED Wisconsin KinFACTS Information
      • Child Support (May 2023)  DOC | PDF
      • Education (May 2023)  DOC | PDF
      • Healthcare (May 2023)  DOC | PDF
      • Legal (May 2023)  DOC | PDF

General Support Resources in Wisconsin

Following are some of the direct links to the resources at the University of Wisconsin Extension that you may find helpful:

  • Wisconsin Family Caregiver Support Program (link will open a new page)
    The state of Wisconsin has created a comprehensive guide for relative caregivers with support and information, links to inclusive lists of resources (including individual county resources to support you when you are raising children of your relatives.)
    Toll-free phone number: 866-843-9810


County-Specific Resources in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Benefits & Resources

  • Bureau of Aging & Long Term Care Resources (link will open a new page)
    Access point to a variety of information on programs and services in Wisconsin for older people and caregivers
  • FoodShare Wisconsin (link will open a new page)
    Provides extra food dollars to people with limited financial resources
  • Home Energy Plus
    Provides information about Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance and Wisconsin’s Weatherization Programs available to households with limited income
  • Wisconsin BadgerCare+ (link will open a new page)
    An insurance program for all children (up to age 19) who do not currently have access to health insurance, pregnant women, parents, caretakers, and foster families with limited financial resources  800-362-3002
  • Wisconsin JobNet Job Search (link will open a new page)
    Current job opportunities listed with the Wisconsin Job Center System
  • Wisconsin Shares (link will open a new page)
    Child Care Subsidy Program (W-2 Child Care) that helps eligible parents pay for child care
  • Wisconsin WIC Program (link will open a new page)
    The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children, which provides supplemental nutritious foods, nutrition and breast feeding information, and referral to other health and nutritional services

National Websites, Resources, and Support Organizations