• No Matter What: Stories of Hope and Resilience  (link will take you to a YouTube channel)
    A one-of-a-kind film-driven website is designed to encourage families to seek help and support when they feel hopeless and alone. The website features real stories from real people, ultimately providing inspiration to help struggling families make connections that will help build their strength and resilience.
  • Family Support Associations
    Sites, contacts, and support groups that you might find helpful.
  • For Relative Caregivers
    Information specific to grandparents and others caring for relative children.
  • For Youth in Care
    As foster care providers, you may sometimes need more support, information, and resources specifically for the youth in your care. We prepared the links and information on this page for you to read and pass along or to use as a source of information for youth in out-of-home care directly.
  • Fostering Across Wisconsin Newsletter
    Fostering Across Wisconsin was published from 2006-2020. Back issues of this newsletter can be found in our Lending Library. Each issue of Fostering Across Wisconsin focuses on a specific theme or topic and includes such things as articles, resources, and stories for readers. Fostering Across Wisconsin can be downloaded and printed for easy sharing.
  • Free Lending Library
    The Coalition for Children, Youth & Families has one of the largest collections of books, audio CDs, and DVDs on adoption and foster care-related issues in the Midwest.
  • Guidebooks
    A bit more in-depth than our tip sheets, the guidebooks on this page are a rich source of information for families caring for children and youth in foster care.
  • Helpful Lists & Websites
    There’s a lot of information about the world of foster care out there. The need to search out helpful websites can be an overwhelming task. Our team has found the websites on this page to be useful resources for additional information and support for you and your family.
  • Partners Newsletter
    The Partners newsletter was published from 1997-2019. Some back issues can be found in our online Lending Library. Each issue of the Partners newsletter focuses on a specific theme or topic related to adoption and/or foster care and includes articles, resources, success stories, and more for readers. Partners can be downloaded and printed for easy sharing.
  • Tip Sheets
    Tip sheets are short informational resources on various topics related to adoption, post-adoption, foster care, and caring for children and youth in general. Most tip sheets are three-four pages in length and include links to additional resources and information.
  • Wisconsin Foster Family Handbook
    The Wisconsin Foster Family Handbook is a guide that includes basic information about foster care in Wisconsin. It is written specifically for new foster families, but can also serve as a good source of information for experienced foster parents.

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