Positive Parenting 2


Setting Limits & Behavior Contracts. Would you like to help your child feel safe and secure, understand expectations, and feel comfortable fitting into your family? How do you accomplish those things in a caring and respectful way? Positive Parenting 2 answers these questions and more. This course is about how to set behavior limits and make them work. The first segment, Setting Limits, addresses established household rules. It also clarifies what limit-setting approaches work – or don’t work very well. The second segment explores, Behavior Contracts and shows how these contracts help parents and children build mutual understanding on behavior and rewards. Three handouts are included with this course: Setting Limits, Behavior Contracts, and a form you can use to create your own contract. And, like all FPC courses, you have unlimited access to the discussion board to share ideas and suggestions with others. Running time 30-45 minutes, 2006 Includes: 1 Interactive DVD, Discussion Guide, Reproducible Handouts and reproducible questionnaire

Author: Richard Delaney
Additional Author: Northwest Media, Inc.
ISBN: O7060
Count: 1
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