Over the Moon


This surrealistic yet utterly heartfelt story of one adoptive family’s beginnings starts on the night that a tiny baby is born. A man and a woman each dream about a baby in a basket, surrounded by beautiful flowers and birds. The next day, they receive the exciting news that their baby has been born. They fly OVER THE MOON to a faraway place with palm trees and birds, violet flowers, and mountains, to meet their new daughter. The boldly colored pictures in this breathtaking book, done with a variety of media and styles ranging from pencil drawing to collage, add an ample touch of enchantment to the rich narrative. Parents will enjoy reading aloud from the story as they share the beautiful images with their children. (Paperback 28 pages, color, 1997, ages 2 to 6)

Author: Karen Katz
ISBN: 3223
Count: 1
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