I Will Never Give Up


Former foster child/youth, Derek Clark, reveals how to connect to your child and build trust. This is his special autobiographical book that will help you share hope with your children in the foster care system. Derek stands 6 foot, 5 inches and has a voice resonating with a singular passion due to a life of coping with adversity and overcoming hardship. Stemming from his childhood experience of parental abandonment, and his troubled youth navigating the pitfalls of the foster care system, his years have been colored by extremes of humility, humiliation, aggression, emotional distress and overwhelming anxiety. At five years old his mother and stepfather turned him over to the county social services, and he has never known his real father. As a foster child, he was disturbed and erratic. Having suffered child abuse, he was prone to severe distress and crippling depression. He has been “labeled and misdiagnosed” in almost every psychological evaluation in existence, by psychiatrists who might better have sympathized with him. And yet, the dire circumstances of his life have never been obstacles to him succeeding at those endeavors which he has aspired to. Being a child afflicted with numerous emotional, language and mental disturbances, foster care authorities considered placing him in a psychiatric institution unless a suitable home was found, with adults able to cope with his special needs. He has defied the artificial limitations imposed upon him. Derek simply never gave up. His story will inspire you to have hope and to never give up. (Paperback, 269 pages)

Author: Derek W. Clark
Additional Author: Never Limit Your Life
ISBN: F5135
Count: 1
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