Forever Child: A Tale of Lies & Love, The


This is a story about a little girl called Ruby Rose who was abandoned in the forest and left for dead. Luckily, she was found by seven fairy godsisters who took her home and nurtured her back to good health. A childless king and queen, hearing of the abandoned child, eagerly bring her to live with them. The new parents, amazed by their good fortune, are surprised to find that their beautiful princess has a rather surprising habit of stretching the truth. In fact she tells the most outrageous lies. But why?
The tale reflects the joys and pitfalls of adopting or fostering a child with a history of early trauma. It is accompanied by a parenting guide which provides practical step-by-step help in assisting families work through their child’s negative behaviors to achieve more positive ones.
(22 pages/ 2002)

Author: Nancy A. Clark
Count: 1
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